FussBot release variants

FussBot is available in two different versions: A stable release and an edge release. You can switch between both versions when clicking on the "Stable" or "Edge" button inside FussBot on the bottom left. However, there are some things you should consider first to choose the correct version for you.

Switch between both FussBot release versions by clicking the button next to the version number

Important notice: Both release branches are not backward compatible! This means once you are on the latest edge version you can switch back to stable releases but FussBot will not be updated until the next stable release.

What is the stable release branch?

The stable release branch is for all streamers that want to "play safe". Stable releases are released irregularly and contain features that have already been tested by edge branch users for several versions. They contain less new bugs as they have already been detected previously, but don't contain all latest features and bug fixes.

What is the edge release branch?

The edge release branch is for all streamers that want to be the first to use all latest FussBot features. A new version gets released if a new feature is available or a new bugfix has been made, there is no waiting time to collect features and fixes to update less often. If you don't hesitate to get all latest bugs first, this one is for you.