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  • Consider using FussBot's loyalty shop / streamer website

    With FussBot's loyalty shop / streamer website you can create a website for your channel. Your viewers can then use their coins to purchase stuff in your loyalty shop, check their balance, commands & more. At every time, online. Those and more features are exlusive to our Patreon supporters. You can checkout an example page here, more information can be found at

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    FussBot Streamer website of our user Sansen
  • Read the documentation

    Our documentation is a good way to start with FussBot if you need help setting it up:

  • Report bugs & submit feature requests

    If you've found a bug or have a feature request check head over to our development tools: It is recommended to join our Discord server first to share your idea with the community. Maybe someone else already had a similar idea to yours.

  • Join the official Discord server

    If you would like to get in touch with our community, get support and share ideas our official FussBot Discord server is a good place to start. Here is your invitation. Joining our Discord server is also required to get your Patreon rewards.