What does the Spotify Integratio do?

FussBot has a Spotify integration which can be used to provide song information to your viewers and in your commands, let viewers vote to skip a song or even let them request songs.

Unlike Twitch YouTube actively searches through videos and live content to strikes your channel if you use any copyrighted music that your are not allowed to play. It is not recommended to play any music from Spotify, it is recommended to create a stream playlist whith songs you are allowed to use in your streams. You can even add local songs files to Spotify so they can also be requested via FussBot.

How to get started

  • The requirements

    First of all restart FussBot and disconnect from your YouTube chat. Next make sure you have a Spotify premium account or some features might not work due to free user restrictions (this has not been tested).

  • Authenticate your Spotify account

    In FussBot go to Settings -> Connections and click the "Authenticate" button in the Spotify box. A window will pop up to login to Spotify. After completion the message "Successfully authenticated" should appear. Now restart FussBot once again.

  • Configure Spotify integration

    All Spotify integration relevant settings can be adjusted inside FussBot -> Configuration -> Spotify.

    * If the "!currentsong" command is activated viewers can get the title and artist of the currently playing song. You can also mimic this behaviour by using command variables.
    * If the "!skipsong" command is activated viewers can use it to vote to skip the currently playing song. If enough viewers voted the song will be skipped.
    * To enable song requests you first of all have to choose your base playlist. This playlist should be your above metioned stream playlist and is used to play songs from when no active song request has been made. If you delete this playlist in Spotify you have to choose a new one or the Spotify integration will no longer work correctly. To make sure users can not request songs that are not available in this playlist tick the "Restrict song requests to songs from base playlist" checkbox. Song requests can be executed by the command "!requestsong your song title here" for example "!requestsong Dusk till dawn".

  • That's it!

    Spotify integration should be now working. You can see some sample outputs below.