FussBot IFTTT Triggers

All triggers which FussBot support's are listed here.

All IFTTT triggers of FussBot
Event name Content of value1 Content of value2 Content of value3
chatmessage Username Channelid Message
superchatmessage Username Amount Message
subscriber Username
command ¹ Command Username Message
chatdelayupdate New chat delay (in ms) Old chat delay (in ms)
viewercountupdate New viewer count Old viewer count
streamstart Streamtitle Url
arena Username Message
bankheist Username Channelid Entered coins
viewerban Username Channelid
viewertimeout Username Duration (in seconds)
loyaltyshoppurchase Username Item Price

¹ For command triggers to work you need to add $IFTTT to all command responses that you want to trigger on. This variable will be removed from the returned text when executing. The event name for it on IFTTT is still "command".