Let's create our first applet!

Our goal:

In this tutorial we want to create the following applet:

If a new stream starts, post a message on Twitter
If you want to setup more applets later, the procedure is always the same. Choose the correct trigger, enable it, create your applet & run it.

  • Enable necessary triggers in FussBot

    To trigger applets on certain events you need to activate all necessary triggers inside FussBot first. After you saved your IFTTT token go to Configuration -> IFTTT -> Webhooks. For this tutorial you only need to check "On stream start detected" and hit the save button. You should only enable those webhooks that are necessary to save resources. A list of all available triggers and how to use them can be found here.

  • Create a new applet

    Visit IFTTT to create a new applet and click on "+ this".

    Search for "Maker Webhooks" and select it. On the next page, click the "Receive a web request" button.

  • Configure the applets event name

    The next step is really important: Enter the event name of the trigger you want to use. This must match EXACTLY with the ones mentioned here. For our example we need the "streamstart" trigger, so we enter that as event name.

    Click "Create Trigger" after entering the correct name.

  • Configure an action

    After we defined WHEN something should happen, we need to choose WHAT should happen. Click the "+ that" button.

    In our example we want to post some tweet on Twitter. Click on it and select "Post a tweet". You can now choose a text that should be posted. Here's the next catch: Use variables!
    When FussBot makes requests to IFTTT he will supply some info which you can use in your applets. Variables are always named "{{value1}}", "{{value2}}" and "{{value3}}". Their content differs depends on the used triggers, mroe info about what these variables contain can be found here.

    In this case we use value1 and value2. For the trigger "On stream start detect" value1 contains the title of the detected livestream and value2 the link to it. Click create action.

  • That's it!

    Your applet is now active and will automatically post a tweet whenever you start a stream. Note: This only works when FussBot is running.

  • What now?

    Be creative! Check out FussBots triggers here and share your favourite creations with the community on Twitter #FussBot #IFTTT. This way others can easily find your best applets for FussBot. Have fun! :)