You always want the latest features and bug fixes before anyone else? You should consider using our FussBot edge version. To learn more about it click here. All latest edge release changelogs can be found here.

Version v2.52 December 30, 2018

  • EOL maintenance release: Removed leftover code from streamer websites

Version v2.51 August 10, 2018

  • Updated to .NET framework 4.7.1
  • Updated all dependencies

Version v2.49 March 14, 2018

  • YouTube authentication not working (wrong redirection to FussBot main page after login)
  • Broken download links and non working auto update because of server migration
  • Removed 24h timeout as Patreon supporter keys have been removed

Version v2.48 March 10, 2018

  • Unlisted and private livestreams not shown in chat selection box

Version v2.47 March 4, 2018

  • Spotify song request cost not changeable
  • Spotify song request cost not correctly displayed on restart of FussBot
  • Spotity song requests no longer working when clicking save during audio playback
  • Spotify song request not triggering when skipping a song

Version v2.46 March 3, 2018

  • Fully implemented Spotify song requests feature. Go ahead and give it a try if you want, more info about it here. Additional improvements will be implemented in future updates (text customization etc.)
  • Autoenable coins system by default and disable all output commands when it was used previously
  • Autoenable connecting to default chat, connecting via URL is not needed and will be disabled in a future version.
  • Commands with static rank requirement getting executed by everyone (even without the required rank) after the last ranks update
  • Removed supporter only tab and added advanced settings that can be used by everyone (Streamlabs & Patreon Integration)

Version v2.45 February 27, 2018

  • Enabled Patreon integration for everyone (no more Patreon supporter key required)
  • Enabled Streamlabs integration for everyone (no more Patreon supporter key required)
  • Dynamic update of integration login data not working during runtime
  • $RANDOM variable not working for negative values
  • Removed entry for supporter license key

Version v2.44 February 22, 2018

  • !Important update to ranks! In order to reach a rank you are now required to reach both requirements if a minimum amount of coins and watchtime is specified. Ranks are ordered from highest to lowest requirements meaning that if there are ranks with the same watchtime but different coins requirement the user will get its highest corresponding coins rank for that watchtime level and vice verca.
  • Added status codes to Patreon integration so users that have problems loading their patrons get some more info why it fails
  • As mentioned in this months feature request thread I started to add all previously static strings and texts to a resource file so we can have multiple languages in FussBot. I created a new project on Crowdin so everyone who wants to contribute by translating FussBot in his desired language can do so. I will work on the German translation myself, but all other languages which I don't speak require help from the community. You can join the project here:
  • Added new work in progress translation of German
  • Cleanup & removal of non used packages
  • Quotes not being added for majority of users
  • Fix: IFTTT Streamstart Event not working if the streamtitle contains special characters like " or \
  • Changed minimum coin bonus for moderators and sponsors to x 0
  • Removed edit menu from Patron supporter list which was non functional
  • Decreased loading interval of new Patrons to 20 minutes as their api is very very slow

Version v2.43 February 5, 2018

  • Viewers can be removed from the database by right-clicking on a viewer in the viewers tab
  • Superchats are automatically converted to USD befor rewarding them with additional coins for their donation
  • Switched authentication browser from windows build in CefSharp. If FussBot is crashing on start please make sure to install all requirements listed here:
  • Fixed crash of FussBot when authenticating a new bot login
  • Fixed white page when authenticating with a YouTube account
  • Fixed Javascript error when connecting a Spotify account

Version v2.42 January 22, 2018

  • Added 24h timeout after which FussBot automatically disconnects. This is implemented to decrease quota usage if users forget to close FussBot after using it or run 24/7 streams. Patreon supporters are not affected by this
  • $TIMESPAN(custom date here) will now also be formatted to years, months and days
  • !uptime command returning more than 365 days when it could already be displayed as 1 year
  • Fix raffle winner username not matching channelid
  • Fix raffle winner messages not being displayed when using the "Draw winner" button
  • Fix non showing version changelog when using the edge branch
  • FussBot crashes when creating backups via the included backup utility

Version v2.41 January 9, 2018

  • You can now switch between FussBot stable release branch and FussBot edge release branch. Learn more about that here:
  • Ban rules now not only apply to messages but also usernames to prevent spam bots that acvertise their stuff already in the username
  • Reward command message can now be customized
  • !uptime command will now format days to years and months if greater than 30 days
  • You can now customize win percentage for all bankheist levels
  • Custom commands that have a rank specified can now no longer be used by moderators that don't have the static rank assigned
  • Custom streamlabs notification setting not getting saved
  • Error in default reward message
  • Update dependencies to current latest version (SQLite, SpotifyAPI Client, Discord-net)

Version v2.37 December 8, 2017

  • Custom commands can now either have a global timeout or a per user based timeout
  • Added right-click menu to view details of a shop purchase
  • Added viewer channelid to "Edit stats of viewer" dialog and made it copyable
  • !reward command not working with negative coin amounts
  • Some colors not getting updated (e.g. on the check your coins page) when saving custom shop colors. Please simply hit the save button another time to permanently fix the issue (Supporter -> Settings -> Save)
  • Removed debug code that triggered endless stream announcements

Version v2.36 November 13, 2017

  • When a data dump path is configured FussBot will now export top 100 viewers based on coin balance and watchtime into a text file
  • Added new exported data to text file exporter. If a data dump path is configured FussBot will now export the following info every 60 seconds: Active bet participants, detected active viewers, detected quotes, detected sponsors, detected subscribers, active raffle participants
  • FussBot still reacting to raffle chat messages after a raffle was cancelled
  • Forever stuck shop purchases when the item title contains a special character combination
  • Crash of loyalty shop synchronisation
  • Wrong channelid displayed when using the "Draw new winner" button for raffles
  • Loyalty shop defaulting to allow only one item purchase per day per user when no setting was configured and saved inside FussBot

Version v2.35 November 5, 2017

  • New: !give command is now also working with usernames that contain a space character
  • !reward command can now be used with usernames. This only works if the specified username exists only once in your database
  • Viewers can now supply a message when purchasing an item in your loyalty shop. The message will for now not be posted in chat but shown inside the purchases tab in FussBot
  • Loyalty shop settings not getting saved in FussBot (refer to the next two bugfixes for more info)
  • Streamer website setting to allow only one purchase per item daily per user not working. Please click "save" on shop settings page again for it to work
  • Streamer website setting to allow only one purchase daily per user not working. Please click "save" on shop settings page again for it to work
  • Purchases not being processed in some cases
  • Purchase dialog layout outside of streamer website on mobile devices
  • Custom command variable $USER does not get replaced by username
  • Checkbox to disempower mods getting saved but not displayed as selected when restarting
  • Countdown not showing days when starting a countdown longer than 24h
  • Endless "Please restart FussBot" notification when clicking disempower mods checkbox
  • GUI bug where you could connect to another chat while already connected to one
  • GUI bug on custom command page where items overlap
  • Improved stability for synchronisation between streamer website and local FussBot instance

Version v2.33 October 23, 2017

  • A list of detected Patrons gets displayed in the supporter tab. Patreon API is rather slow, please wait for up to five minutes until the list populates. This list is meant to be used for debugging the root cause of missing notifications for new Patrons
  • Permanent loss of connection to streamer website servers if connection issues occur between local FussBot instance and streamer websites
  • Bug where settings to hide commands on streamer website doesn't get saved
  • Added link to unicode emote list to shop item editor

Version v2.32 September 23, 2017

  • Commands triggered by shop purchases can now also execute mod only custom commands
  • Added custom command variable $RANDOM(limithere) to draw a random number between 0 and your specified upper limit
  • Crash of FussBot when editing existing shop items that have no trigger assigned
  • !startpoll command not working when supplying 6 options
  • Checkbox to disempower moderators not being saved
  • Removed right-click menu from loyalty shop purchases. It was there by mistake and had no real function

Version v2.31 September 7, 2017

  • Added custom command variable $KEYPRESS(R). Put it in a command and the specified key gets pressed, in this example character "R". Only one character per command will work
  • !give command now works with usernames. When you specify a username that is not found or in database twice, an error message will be posted to chat
  • Random crash of FussBot when handling a chat message
  • Added chat message when a user tries to add a quote but no rank is configured
  • Wrong custom command variable documentation link
  • Multiple command varaibles that need parameters not supported in a command
  • Removed unused libraries and dependencies to reduce size of FussBot

Version v2.28 August 29, 2017

  • Error in backup and restore tool
  • Custom command variable $ADDCOINS not adding correct amount of coins in some cases
  • Custom command variable $ADDCOINS text not being removed on removing a negative amount of coins
  • Bitcoins in bitcoin minigame shown for everyone

Version v2.27 August 27, 2017

  • Hotfix: Bug where it was possible to get into negative coins with new $ADDCOINS variable that was included in todays earlier release

Version v2.26 August 27, 2017

  • Added non authenticated streamer account status message to streamchat UI and fixed endless spinning loading circle if no streamer account was connected
  • Shop items / purchases can now trigger commands. If a command is being used as trigger, it always get executed, even if the person who bought it has not the required rank for it
  • Added custom command variable $ADDCOINS(numberhere) to add / subtract coins from a viewer in commands
  • Bitcoin minigame: When buying virtual bitcoins you can now no longer get negative coins and exchange rate is no longer shown incorrectly. Additionally, buying more coins when already owning some doesn't incorrectly calculate the exchange rate anymore. If the shown buy price is still wrong, sell all your bitcoins and rebuy them, it is then fixed

Version v2.25 August 18, 2017

  • Added multiple selection and delete to shop purchase UI
  • UI glitch in coins setting
  • Streamlabs connection resetting itself
  • Roll dice game using 0-5 instead of 1-6 as results
  • Crash of FussBot on startup if a connection to one of the authentication servers runs into a timeout

Version v2.24 August 14, 2017

IMPORTANT: This FussBot version is the first one to use .NET framework 4.6. If bot is crashing on startup, install this it from here:

  • Added Patreon integration (also experimental!). If you get a new Patreon pledge above a certain amount a chat message can be posted and the username of the new subscriber displayed via a Streamlabs notification. For this to work you need to re-authenticate your Streamlabs account!
  • You can now add a second channel to FussBot if you stream on two channels at different times and want to easily switch between them
  • Multiple usage of $RNDUSER variable does now no longer return the same username for all occurences
  • There is now a message when you close a queue or a user tries to join a already closed queue. You can change this text in Settings -> Custom Texts 2
  • Added new minigame dice. Enter !rolldice "number between 1 and 6 here" e.g. !rolldice 6. If the bot draws the same number as you, you get your entry fee * 6, if you loose you will loose your entry.
  • When starting a raffle all users that entered will be displayed in a list
  • After a raffle finished future messages of the raffle winner will be displayed
  • After a raffle finished, you can right click on the raffle winner to open his channel page
  • Changed design of streamer websites coin site (adopted material design)
  • Changed the way Spotify integration works: You can now control Spotify playback on any device (e.g. you can play Spotify on your PS4 while streaming there and running FussBot on a seperate computer)
  • Added custom command variable $SPOTIFY_TITLE to return the currently playing Spotify song title . If no song is playing nothing gets returned
  • Added custom command variable $SPOTIFY_ARTIST to return the currently playing Spotify song artist. If no song is playing nothing gets returned
  • Added custom command variable $SPOTIFY_ALBUM to return the currently playing Spotify song album. If no song is playing nothing gets returned
  • Static rank could not be removed from a user
  • Non working $COUNT variable
  • Removed Discord role in ranks editor (that was not intended for public release yet, also not working)
  • Streamlabs integration: Donations made in non USD currency are either converted to USD by Streamlabs with latest exchange rates or not rewarded if they are not officially supported by them
  • Cleaned up database classes for faster data access
  • GUI error when trying to delete a command without selecting one
  • Bug where usernames where displayed multiple times in raffle overlay if they bought more than one entry
  • Crash of FussBot when creating a command that is the same as an existing one
  • Bug where FussBot hangs in loading screen if Streamlabs API is slow to respond or offline
  • FussBot now (re-) uploads last 5000 active users for less confusion on new streamer websites users
  • Crash of FussBot on startup if dependencies were not installed previously
  • GUI bug on coins page
  • Coin reward for new subscribers will now also work if no chat message on new subscriptions is configured or enabled
  • Gambling timeout setting not being saved when pressing "Save" button and only via onchange listener
  • Disabled groupbox of Streamlabs and Patreon settings by default, they will only be available when an account is connected for less user confusion
  • Crash of FussBot when an exception occurs during handling of a chat message

Version v2.23 July 18, 2017

  • Streamlabs integration, the third: Stops rewarding users for all old donations since the creation of streamlabs account. Should work fine now, but please try with caution first

Version v2.22 July 17, 2017

  • Streamlabs integration not working as intended in some cases

Version v2.21 July 16, 2017

  • Added Streamlabs integration (Experimental feature, currently only for Patreon supporters)

Version v2.20 July 14, 2017

  • Added backup and restore tool to Fussbot. You can now easily backup all user data to a .zip file and restore it later. Function can be found in Settings -> Miscellaneous
  • Added 2% house edge to gambling minigame. Chances to win are now 48%
  • Removed old documentation website. New one will be available at
  • Bug where users could get unlimited coins when joining a raffle that has multiple entries enabled
  • Skipvote setting on music tab not being saved / error messages when saving
  • Crash of FussBot if loading the subscriber data of a viewer failed

Version v2.19 July 5, 2017

  • Fix: Discord tab shown even if it wasn't working yet (removed for now, will be readded later)
  • Fix: Crash of FussBot if a user has more than 2^32 coins
  • Fix: Crash of FussBot if a user gets queried that has never been detected

Version v2.18 June 12, 2017

  • Fix: Crash of FussBot due to error in flipcoin command handling

Version v2.17 June 11, 2017

  • New: Added option to disempower moderators (Settings -> Miscellaneous) so they can no longer use moderator commands of FussBot and only delete messages / ban users directly in chat
  • New: Users can now add additional info to a queue entry (e.g. an ingame username). Simply add any text after the queue command
  • New: Added custom command variable $TOPCOINSVIEWER to return the username of the user owning the most coins
  • New: Added custom command variable $TOPWATCHTIMEVIEWER to return the username of the user with the highest watchtime
  • New: Custom command variables can now be used in !flipcoin return text
  • New: Winner option of a poll is now shown directly on control panel
  • New: You can now choose an installation directory during installation
  • Fix: Not showing changelogs on update
  • Fix: Typo in spam protection tab
  • Fix: Wrong color of notification messages on livestream panel
  • Fix: Ban and timeout button not shown in livestream panel

Version v2.16 May 31, 2017

  • Remove cefsharp browser used for authentication, FussBot is now 50% smaller in size
  • Crashes because of cefsharp related to missing dependencies on some computers
  • Quotes rank not being saved
  • Boxes of loyalty shop items not the same size when title of shop item is too long

Version v2.14 May 27, 2017

  • Hotfix, autoupdater not working for some users

Version v2.13 May 27, 2017

  • Better error dialog when a shop purchase was not successful (not available, out of stock, not enough coins)
  • Added reset to defaults button for shop colors
  • Improved menu for streamer websites: Menu now doesn't disappear on mobile devices
  • Default tab header color on new loyalty shop sites
  • Loyalty shop purchase message not being saved
  • GUI error in loyalty shop settings
  • Cancel poll button still active when a poll already ended
  • Multiple arena threads get started when spamming the !startarena command
  • Shop items sometimes not syncing with loyalty shop
  • Crash of FussBot on startup when database operations are performed that were already done previously

Version v2.12 May 21, 2017

  • New: Added manual update check when clicking the version button on the dashboard
  • Removed wrong tooltip when hovering over the version button on dashboard
  • UI bug where "_" characters were displayed below every menu item
  • Connect to default chat setting not being saved
  • Randomize Announcements setting not being saved
  • Raffle "draw winner" button not working when raffle is set to "draw winner automatically"

Version v2.11 May 20, 2017

  • Hotfix, viewers not showing due to earlier IFTTT update

Version v2.10 May 20, 2017

  • IFTTT integration! "On stream start, post message on Twitter", "If new subscriber, then brew coffe". More info here:
  • Custom colors on streamer websites not working on commands page
  • "Draw winner" button for raffle won't be clickable if "auto draw winner" was disabled
  • Streamer statistics not updating on streamer websites

Version v2.08 May 14, 2017

  • Synchronisation for viewer data to loyalty shop now needs way less disk space and resources. This is especially important for larger streamers
  • Improved rank system. You can now specify a minimun amount of coins or watchtime
  • You can now change the watchtime of viewers
  • You can now assign static ranks to viewers
  • Poll texts that were used previously will now be saved and displayed on restart of FussBot
  • Raffle texts and settings that were used previously will now be saved and displayed on restart of FussBot
  • Bet texts that were used previously will now be saved and displayed on restart of FussBot
  • Polls can now be canceled
  • Raffles can now be canceled
  • You can now specify if a winner for a raffle should be drawn automatically or only after you click a button manually
  • You can now specify if votes in a poll should cost coins
  • Add option to hide raffle command from viewers
  • Custom command variable $RANKSTATIC to receive only the statically assigned rank of a viewer
  • Custom command variable $RANKDYNAMIC to receive only a dynamically assigned rank of a viewer
  • Latest subscribers not showing on livestream panel
  • New subscribers not getting notified by FussBot via chatmessage
  • New subscribers not getting extra coins if specified
  • Upgraded changelog viewer to new material design
  • Cutoff text on chatdelay display
  • Cutoff texts on custom text pages
  • Wrong text if an error occurs during a poll
  • Crash of FussBot if remote spotify servers could not be reached
  • Textbox in searchwindow is now automatically focused when opening

Version v2.06 May 5, 2017

  • Crash of FussBot when deleting or editing ranks

Version v2.05 May 4, 2017

  • Synchronisation interval of streamer website is now dynamic based on current server usage. This means it can go as low as 20 seconds!
  • Added Patreon Supporter Getahinsh Productions to splash screen
  • Removed support for moarstreams as they discontinued their service
  • Improved stability of announcements worker if further issues occur
  • Crash of annoncement worker if announcements get deleted while streaming
  • Improve performance of announcements handler (don't start another thread for handling commands)
  • Quotes not getting uploaded if multiple quotes were deleted locally

Version v2.04 April 30, 2017

  • Current chat delay is now also shown on livestream panel
  • You can now set a maximum coin amount on bets instead of a relative one
  • Coins maximum on bets is now dynamically. You can change them everytime during the bet
  • Index page and commands page on streamer websites are now also generated "live" and not every 15 minutes
  • You can now change colors on your streamer websites
  • Added triggers to shop items
  • Visual bug on livestream panel: a white bar is displayed at the top
  • Fixed a bug where a registration for streamer websites linked to a defect website
  • Disappearing menu on streamer website for widths greater than 820px. Mobile menu is still not working
  • Added sticky footer to streamer website pages where content doesn't fill the entire page
  • Increased streamer website performance by reducing file sizes
  • Color setting of purchase notification changes color of raffle overlay
  • Winner of raffle not shown on new layout due to overlapping texts
  • Overlapping text of maximum entry slider on Control -> Viewers
  • Finalized cleanup of all database classes
  • Crash of FussBot on startup in cases where a illegal string[] to string conversion occured

Version v2.03 April 27, 2017

  • Release of loyalty shop and streamer website. Now we can focus on new features :D

Version v2.02 April 22, 2017

  • Updated FussBot streamer website to v2. Preparing for launch
  • Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in preparation for streamer websites
  • Crash of FussBot because of corrupt data returned from VIP url
  • Crash of FussBot if entered number of coins in raffle is too large (int16 was used instead of correct int32)
  • Crash of FussBot when a error dialog is shown directly after starting the application while main window is still loading

Version v2.01 April 18, 2017

  • Messages of additional coins on Superchatmessages can now be disabled
  • Usernames in chat window on main application will now have different colors based on the username
  • Bot responds multiple times to messages if user disconnects / reconnects multiple times
  • White background on new messages on livestream panel
  • Design of edit viewer dialog
  • Missing border on rank edit dialog
  • Overlapping text on exporter settings page

Version v2.00 April 16, 2017

  • Design of FussBot changed to a material design style
  • Added custom command variable $SPEAK(Your text here) which will read your text in your windows system language
  • Added custom command variable $TIMESPAN(yourdatehere) to get a countdown to your desired date
  • Added custom command variable $VIEWERCOINS(channelidhere) to get coins of a specific user via channelid
  • Added checkbox to always connect to default chat. Useful if you use stream now, no need to select a chat anymore
  • You can now choose which account is being used to send messages on chat in FussBot
  • Added global command !updateusername so users who changed their name on YouTube can sync their new name to FussBot
  • Shop items not getting processed in loyalty shop
  • Subscription status of viewers not getting detected reliable using the "Subscribers only" option
  • Not working custom command variable $FILE
  • FussBot not connecting to Spotify client
  • Crash on start of FussBot if Spotify server is not available
  • Cleaned up database classes
  • Wrong error messages if authenticated user has livestreaming not enabled. We check for that now
  • Moderators not getting extra coins
  • Raised the maximum limit of flipcoin to 100000000
  • Updated every dependency to currently latest version