FussBot - Chatbot for YouTube Gaming

Make your Streams even better than back on Twitch.
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Please note that FussBot and all services offered by FussBot are no commercial products or in any form commercially available, they are not generating profits and don't have any commercial intentions. Everything is distributed for free, as is, without any form of warranty or support being developed as a hobby project only.
Loyalty / Currency System

Create your own currency which users gain while participating in your stream. This currency can then be used to bet, bid, vote or take part in minigames.

Commands & Announcements

Create custom commands, periodically posted text announcements and overlayed image announcements e.g. for banners of your sponsors.


Give your chat a boost with fun minigames like bankheists, arenas to proof your viewers reaction speed or gambling. All fully customizable.

OBS Overlays

Make your stream even more interactive using FussBot's Stream Overlays for OBS. You can have a quick look at two of them here and there.


Create polls to get opinions from your viewers to know which things they like and which they don't. Pie Charts can also be displayed in-stream via OBS.

Auctions, Raffles and Bets

Create auctions, raffles, giveaways and bets. Viewers can then take part using their through watching your stream gained coins of your currency.

Spotify Integration

Let your viewers know which song is currently playing, display song info as stream overlay in OBS and let viewers vote to skip a song they don't like.

Spam Protection

Add words and phrases to a blacklist and customize penalties for usage of them - ban viewers, timeout them or simply delete those messages.

User Friendly UI

FussBot features a fast and easy to use UI. No bulky, massively overloaded windows where you need to search for every setting for hours.


Open a queue and let viewers enter so you can pick them sorted by time they entered. A text next to their usernames indicates if they are still active.

Highly Customizable

All stream overlays by FussBot consist of HTML and CSS templates. Edit them, change displayed and posted text during auctions, minigames and more.

Request new Features

Get in touch with us if there is any feature missing in FussBot. FussBot depends on your feedback and we will develop features you need.

FussBot for YouTube Gaming

FussBot is a YouTube Gaming Chat Bot written in C# aiming to provide you with everything you need to create a highly interactive and fun stream. It is feature rich and highly customizable while still maintaining a slim user interface. Edit every text that will be posted or displayed, create dynamic custom commands using variables and edit overlay templates using CSS.

The core of fussbot is a coins system which rewards every active viewer with your personal currency. Those coins can then be used to take part in minigames, raffles, auctions, polls, buy stuff in a loyalty shop and much more. Using OBS and CLR Browser Plugin you can go one step further and add overlays to your stream, for example an animated chart of the current running poll.